2018 NZ Offshore Season Prizegiving Results

Special Awards:

Best Presented Crew – Hijinx

Best Presented Boat – Chindit

Hard luck trophy – Pist N Broke

Co Driver of the year – Aaron Fletcher

Driver of the year – Chris Haegar

U21 championship = Chris Haegar

Rookie of the year team – ECU Chips

Close Shave – Race 4 life

Patrons Trophy Denise Preece

Lachlan Wall Memorial Trophy – Hijinx

Wilkinson Sword – Colleen Carson

Carson Cup – Phil Mudford

The Big Thing Award – Stu Watson

100 Mile Championship:

Fairview Windows: 1st

Outboard Pro: 2nd

Hijinx Racing: 3rd

60 Mile Championship:

Race 4 Life: 1st

Espresso Engineers: 2nd

Equaliser: 3rd

Superboat 1000:

Fairview Windows: 1st

Outboard Pro: 2nd

Superboat 400

Hijinx Racing: 1st

NZ Home Loans: 2nd

Classic Class:

Race 4 Life: 1st

Sports 300:

Espresso Engineers: 1st

Equalizer: 2nd

Sports 225:

CRD Automotive: 1st

ECU Chips: 2nd

Chindit: 3rd

Author: Jeremy Ward

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