A chat with ABM Racing/Fuel Dr – Offseason Happenings…

A huge team effort has gone on over the off season with Allan rebuilding both engines and gear boxes. Alex has been a great help assisting Allan on many a week-end. We just need to keep those hollow legs filled… We had a lot of fun with Phil up from Turangi who has made a large under trailer storage unit to house all our gear for race day. Think It’s really to store the beer in… Leaving more room in the V8 now…
After breaking our props in the final race last season, under the Auckland harbour bridge, we have invested in new ones from Hering, Seattle, USA. They made them for us and took some time but they are looking good.IMG_1977
Aro Bros, trailer specialist have completely resorted the trailer for us and we value their continued sponsorship as well as producing a fabulous BBQ that we can use on race day.
We have undertaken a number of other cosmetic changes to the boat as well as a tidy up of the hull, repaired engine cowls and re-wrapped them, thanks to Paul Black from Visign who also has done a tidy up and installed new sponsors graphics.
We are very lucky to have Fuel Dr as our main sponsor for a third year and thank Sam and Morrie for all their efforts. As well as our existing sponsors we welcome Lumino the Dentist on board with us for this year. As always AB Marine Services’s input is invaluable.
The boat looks fresh and we are ready for an exciting season ahead with some new and other venues we have not visited for some years. Look forward to seeing everyone at the 7 races for this coming season.

party2 IMG_1980 IMG_1990

Author: Jeremy Ward

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