Be Involved

Bored watching from the shores or the comfort of your lounge? Are you a speed freak looking for a way to satisfy your inner speed demons?
It’s easy to be involved with NZ Offshore Powerboat racing so come on down.

Our season starts around the end of January and consists of 7 race days spread over the summer depending primarily on tides and venue availability. Check our race calendar for details.

Give it a go!

With 2 Championship competitions (100mile & 60mile) and 6 different boat categories to race in, there is a level to suit your experience and budget.

The 60 mile championship is made up of 4 different categories and the boats are typically family runabout & ski boats, making this championship more accessible to newcomers.

Sports 150 class was once known as the Honda class. The boats are based on the 1900SS Sonic, with a single 4stroke 150hp outboard. This class is the entry level for those new to the sport and a great place for the ‘next generation’ to cut their teeth on. With everyone in the same nippy boats, driver expertise is paramount.

Sports 200 class is a standard production boat with a minimum length of 17′, powered by a single standard outboard with a maximum rating of 200hp. Capable of speeds up to 80mph, some boating experience is an advantage.

Sports 225 class is a production based boat with the potential of speeds up to 80mph. Minimum length is 18’, powered by a single standard outboard with a maximum rating of 200hp.

Sports 300 class can be specifically built for racing. They are the premier level in the 60mile championship and are limited to a maximum speed of 85mph. Minimum length 18′and powered by a standard outboard with a maximum manufacturers rating of 225hp or 3.3L.

The 100mile championship has 3 categories – Superboat 1000Superboat 600 and Superboat 400. These are custom made boats with up to 1000 hp powering them through the water. Both categories are canopied boats and require a high level of experience and financial support.

For full details on the specific boat, engine and safety requirements, check out our National rules.

All boats require 2 crew members. You can enter on the day of the race or you can enter for the season. Day licences cost $50 per competitor/person plus the race entry fee. Contact for the season entry costs.

Volunteer Patrol & Marker Boats
If racing is not for you, consider helping out on the water. Racing can’t go ahead with out on-water patrol & marker boats and this is as close as you can get without actually racing. Imagine seeing the boats bearing towards you as they hurtle around the course!

Other ways to be involved
Our sport is supported by on-water & on-shore teams and family members with everyone doing a bit to help. With tasks such as race registration, time-keeping, and various administrative jobs to be done, we can always use a bit of extra help.

Family entertainment, food & coffee are usually on hand at each of the events, so if you have a business that would fit in on the day, contact for details.

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