Beachlands turns it on for NZ Offshore

By Jo Lomax & Denise Preece

It was a huge day at Beachlands on Saturday 18th February. The New Zealand Offshore Powerboat Association laid an exceptional course using 18 Buoys and extra Patrol/Mark Boats.
Once again FMI took the win for 100 mile overall in both races of the day.
The Superboat 600 class had an interesting mix when day racers Papakura Toyota had technical issues in the first race which left Championship racing teams Fuel Doctor and Outboard Pro to fight for first place overall. Fuel Doctor won the first race and overall a the Superboat 600 class after Papakura Toyota came back to win the 2nd race in the class.
In Superboat 400 Hijinx followed their Taupo win with a 2 from 2 at Beachlands. Closely following in 2nd place was NZ Home Loans. Refurb Group gave a great display getting faster on every lap.
The 60 mile race was closely contested in both races with only seconds between each boat. Race 4 Life won 60 mile overall against The Yamaha Batboat, Superstitious, Outlaw and Espresso Engineers all being close contenders. Espresso Engineers won race one but had technical issues in race 2 which forced them to retire while still winning the Sports 300 class.
In the Sports 225 and 200 Classes the Carson Family fight of D&H Steel vs Red Steel continued with Carson Boys Max and Jamie Carson in D&H Steel leading their Cousin Charlotte and Uncle Tony in Red Steel to the finish. CRD Automotive placed 3rd. Chindit as the oldest boat on the course showed everyone that old models are still as good as the newer ones with a win in 225.
NZ Offshore Powerboats will return to Gisborne for their next round on the 4th March, 18th March Marsden Cove Whangarei Harbour, 8th April Doubtless Bay, 22nd April Napier and the final round 13th May at Whitianga. NZ Offshore would like to thank all their sponsors Franklin Board, NZ Home Loans, Fairview Windows and Doors, JRB AG Services, Prestige Loo’s, Coastguard Maraetai, Beachlands Boating Club, Pine Harbour Travel Lift, Shot360 and Acceleration on Water Ltd.

Author: Jeremy Ward

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