NZOPA 2017 AGM, Remits & Prizegiving Info

Hi Everyone,

It’s time now to put your thinking caps on for 2018 and get your rule remits and Executive nominations in!

AGM/Prizegiving Venue

–          As previously advised, this is being held at the Trinity Wharf Tauranga 51 Dive Crescent Tauranga.  We have negotiated  a great room rates for this event accommodation booking form attached

–          Prize giving Tickets are $85.00 including dinner . We have Phil Hart entertaining us ( same person we had at Whitianga) last band had double booked unfortunately I’m sure you will all agree Phil was great at Whitianga.

–          Please RSVP to me to book your tickets, and make payments into the NZOPA Account : 12-3036-0558130-01. All payment to be made no later than the 20th August.

–          We have negotiated the following prices for those who intend bringing children

Up to 5 years no cost     5-12 years   $ 2 per age

When you  RSVP can you please let me know adult /child ratio and children’s ages.

Again cut off for this is 20th August.



General rule changes: for these rules all financial members are entitled to vote. To be deemed a fully paid up financial member, you must either:

  • have paid your season entry and received a license card;
  • be a paid up social member, or
  • be an eligible voting member of the Executive.
  • Be a life member

These votes are your own personal votes and do not have to reflect the agreement of your class.

Competition rule changes: These rules, really the class rules, are voted on by eligible class representatives, and certain members on the Executive. For a class to be eligible to have ‘ representatives’ who can vote, there must have been a minimum of 2 boats competing for championship points in the class during the 2017 season. Each of those classes must then get together and select two competitors in the class to be their representatives. The class must discuss each competition remit and take a vote on how they support the remit or not. The representatives should then vote in accordance with the majority of the class at the AGM, regardless of whether they agree with the majority or not.

The following classes are able to have ‘voters’:

  • Superboat 1000
  • Superboat   600
  • Superboat   400
  • Sports 300
  • Sports 225
  • Sports 200
  • Classic Class

This does not mean you can’t put remits forward for any of the other classes.

Proxy votes: Proxy votes can be submitted on general matters only, must be in writing and signed by the voter. The final copy needs to be scanned and emailed to me by 5pm Friday, 1st September 2017, or handed to me  by 8:45 am the morning of the AGM, Saturday 2nd September 2017. Please note that matters relating to competition rules including safety matters, proxy votes are not permitted.


Please send through any specific rule changes you wish to put forward in regards to your class, or the championship format, please send these through. For class rules, the ideal process we ask you to follow is to get together, either in person, or by phone, and discuss these with your competitors, reaching a majority agreement on the remit being put forward.

Please note this is our National Rules we are referring to, which you can find  on our website. As the NZOPA, we operate under the International UIM Offshore rules in conjunction with our own. Where there is a conflicting rule, it is our National Rules that take precedent, however if there is a rule you are unsure or unhappy about, or you feel is missing from our rules, your first port of call should be the UIM rules to see if the said rule is covered sufficiently there.


This is also your opportunity to make any changes to our constitution. These suggested changes are presented and called a ‘notice of motion’ and are presented and treated the same way as remits. If you wish to make a notice of motion with regards to our constitution, please follow the remit template, process and deadlines.  A copy of our latest Constitution is attached for your information.


There are 7 official elected Executive members:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Publicity Officer
  • National Technical Officer
  • National Safety Officer

In addition there are 2 x elected Offshore delegates on the NZ Powerboat Federation (NZPBF), the Ex-President, Patron (all non-voting) and various other elected roles such as race day secretary, timekeepers etc.  Please note that all nominations for the Executive MUST be in writing and will not be accepted on the day of the AGM.


We would like to call for ALL NOMINATIONS and HANDS UP of those who wish to, or feel they could contribute something towards the 2018 Offshore Series next year, either in one of the 7 elected roles, or in one of other areas we need volunteers.



Now All classes should discuss and prepare remits for proposed rule changes pertaining to their class.

All competitors should read through the current National Rules and complete any remits for proposed general rule changes.

All competitors and supporters should consider their feedback on the Executive roles and structure going forward.

Fri 11th Aug All remits MUST be received, in writing, to me no later than midnight,  Friday 11th   August to be eligible for voting at the AGM.
No late remits will be accepted.
Fri 18th Aug Copies of remits and any notice of motion to be circulated to all members and registered drivers, co-drivers and paid social members.
Fri 18th Aug

– Fri 1st Sep

All members to review remits

Classes to get together, choose votes, discuss remits and  vote on any class/competition rules.

Any proxy votes to be submitted

Sat 2nd Sep 2017 NZOPA AGM, 9am @ Trinity Wharf Tauranga

2017 ANNUAL PRIZEGIVING, from 6pm @ the Trinity Wharf Tauranga



For those of you who received “ special” trophies last year, now is the time to get them cleaned up engraved  and ready for handing on for the 2017 season.
If you have any questions at this stage please do not hesitate to contact me, email or text/phone 0272503504

Author: Jeremy Ward

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