Pre Season

The 2021 NZ Offshore season kicks off on Saturday the 13th February in Gisborne with a 2 day event, consisting of a one hour race on each day (Saturday and Sunday).

As in recent years, there is still a struggle to get competitors to commit to run the full season, although there has been a slight increase this year particularly in the sports classes.

We have a total of 13 boats entered as follows –

Superboat 1000Superboat 600Superboat 400Sports Modified 80mphSports Modified 70mph  
Outboard ProEspresso EngineersHijinx RacingSuperstitiousNakita
 Rainbow HaulageDoric NZPist n BrokeHypersonic
   The Bonbon FactoryEqualizer
   HidromekWild Child

Sadly in the Superboat 1000 class, current NZ 1 champions, Outboard Pro will run uncontested, but the Superboat 600 entries of Espresso Engineers and Rainbow Haulage will be pushing hard to contest for overall championship points.

Doric NZ joins the Superboat 400 class this year. This boat ran a few seasons ago as Refurb. On the throttles is Jason Jackman who previously raced with Scott Lewis in Hijinx, he teams up with his 17 year old son Taylor, while Charlie Lewis joins his Dad in Hijinx Racing, 6 weeks out from turning 16. Hopefully they will be joined for a couple of races by BC Racing, as a day entry.

In the Sports Modified 80mph Class, Brad Dibble joins in his 30ft monohull Superstitious, running a 525hp Mercruiser, also it’s great to see Pist n Broke, and the boat previously known as Race for Life, now running under Hidromek branding, back for the season. The Bonbon Factory Bat Boat also features another father and son team, Josh and Callum Edlin.

Nakita joins the Sports Modified 70mph Class after running as day entries for the past 2 seasons, and Chris Powell, previously racing with his Dad Glen in Equalizer, will now be up against him in Hypersonic. Not to be outdone by the boys Molly Lankshear is back with her Dad, Chris, running the Wildchild Bat Boat.

Best viewing is around the Midway Surf Club, racing commences at 12pm Saturday and 11am Sunday.

Author: dan

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